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FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2018
Category: Performance

FIBO Global FItness

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1 winner for performance cognitive fitness


Xelerate Takes Physical Performance To The Next Level
"It is easy to judge an innovative product by the reception it receives on a worldwide scale, and Xelerate is one that has been widely applauded. Earlier this year, Xelerate won the FIBO Innovation and Trend Award 2018, which highlights its potential. Now, Xelerate is a fitness concept which aims to develop physical performance, cognitive capabilities and reaction time... The revolutionary product consists of a power-area with 24 integrated sensors dotted around. Those sensors identify and record elements such as distance, velocity and reaction time over 1,000 times per second, which guarantees pin-point accuracy. That data is then showcased on a 65-inch display screen, alongside feedback and improvement suggestions. The system is very versatile, and there are a variety of exercise tasks to choose from depending on your goal..." - FITNESSGAMING

These are the most innovative fitness products of the year
"Exercising both body and mind in just one studio session – this is possible with the Power-Area by xelerate® Trainingssysteme, the award winner in the “Performance” category. The interactive training area specifies tasks and running paths and features built-in sensors to check whether the sportsperson is executing them correctly. This means not only physical speed, coordination, stamina and strength are trained but also perception, the ability to take decisions, anticipate and swiftly adapt to new situations. “The Power-Area supports coordination, motor skills as well as performance while incorporating gamification elements in the training,” was the jury’s verdict about the training system by Novotec Medical. “The special added value: here up to nine persons can be trained in a group.” - FIBIO Global Fitness

xelerate - WINNER FIBO Innovation & Trend Award 2018

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