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xelerate® fitness

Power-Area for professional fitness application including 24 integrated sensors, 65" monitor for display of exercise tasks and bio-feedback, 24" touch-controller for supervision by trainer.
Supports group training of up to 9 participants as well as individual personal training. Including software-package for access control and RFID integration.

xelerate x500
xelerate x630
x500: 514cm x 514cm
(16.86 ft x 16.86 ft)
Total training area: 25m²
Sensor distance:189cm
Deceleration zone: 30cm
x630: 641cm x 641cm
(21.03 ft x 21.03 ft)
Total training area: 40m²
Sensor distance: 252cm
Deceleration zone: 30cm
Sensor fields:
24 (6x2 and 3x4)
Sampling rate:
500Hz per senor
(sample resolution: 2ms)
Access control:RFID: MIFARE Classic / Legic
(Integration of existing cards and wrist bands possible)
Display:65" TV with post
or Full HD Beamer
23" Touchscreen
Control software:
  • Program control
  • Access control
  • Basic client managemebnt
Client management:
xManager (optional)
  • Client database & management
  • Class management
  • Database for results & ranking
Requierements for training facility:

Internet access

xelerate x500

xelerate x630
Color: Light grey (structured)

Color: Anthracite (structured)

xelerate - shuttle run group

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