Function of xelerate fitness products - - think fast. move faster. - cognitive fitness & speed

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What is xelerate® training?

Power Area with integrated sensors for cognitive speed training for fitness.

A 65-inch-display shows the exercise tasks like routes or actions and gives feedback about their correct execution. 24 sensors which are integrated into the Power-Area check a 1000 times per second the correct execution of the traininn tasks. The complete training is analysed and parameters like distance, velocity and reaction time are displayed and ranked.

Integrated Training

For individual training or groups up to 9.

Fast. Effectives. Fun.

Training Goals

 Cognitive Training
Perception, Decision, Anticipation, Peripheral Vision
 Performance Improvement
Long-Term Effect
 Burn Fat
By increased Metabolism
 Performance Optimization
Short-Term Effect
 Motor Function
Speed, Coordination, Endurance, Strength
Due to competition with ranking or group
Due to different courses

Training Modes

 Group Training
Up to 9 players at the same time
 Team Training
Dicipline specific, task oriented
 Personal Training
Individualised training

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