The Power-Area for cognitive training, brain & perfromance, speed & endurance

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The Power-Area for cognitive training, brain & perfromance, speed & endurance

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cognitive speed, training & analysis

xelerate® in professional sports

The fraction of a second can be essential.

In competitive sports a fraction of a second makes the difference of winning or loosing. To percept a situation faster or to run faster can be the key situation of the game xelerate makes those fractions of a second measurable and comparable. Movement can be objectively quantified and allowing to analyze strengths and weaknesses. The athlete is represented in comparable numbers. Based on this data athletes can develop and improve or talents can be scouted.

Training & Analysis

Competitive sports is about performance and this performance need to be measurable. Hard data allow to plan and to extend goal oriented training. Actions during the game and the resulting movements are composed of motor skills (force, endurance, speed, agility, flexibility and coordination), cognition (e.g. information processing, decision making and orientation) and reaction. All these components can be measured as well as trained by xelerate.
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xelerate allows analysis and training of motoric, conditional and cognitive abilities. Field games are affected by fast change of direction, anticipation and fast decision making. During a match most movements with changes of direction are not planned and not expected. The situation can change in a fraction of a second. The goal is to make the underlying processes measurable and comparable. Only exact data allows to work on specific strengths and weaknesses.
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Exactly this is the goal of the xelerate concept. Our task is to analyze strengths and weaknesses of an individual athletes and as a consequence to show training perspectives. Field games like soccer consist a great deal of random coincidences. These can hardly be influenced. This makes it even more important to know and understand the factors which can be influenced. Athletes need to react on different stimuli (opponents, ball, free space or team mates).

xelerate® concept

xelerate.pro is a complete concept for assessment and training

  1. speed with and without change of direction
  2. Acceleration adn agility
  3. Cognitive speed
  4. Reaction
  5. Coordination
  6. Training offorce, power, calance and flexibility
  7. Return to Play: Asymmetry of movement
  8. (side-differences)
  9. Recreation & regeneration

Some important facts:
Key-facts of field games

  • Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton are multidimensional multi-directional disciplines with a high proportion of explosive movements. (peak power/peak performance). There is a change of direction every 3-7 seconds.
  • There are up to 150 sprints per game and per athlete. Most prints are performed including a change of direction. This is why it is important to train those abilities. The advantage of straight forward sprints are very limited.
  • Most athletes have weaknesses in rotation on one specific side. This needs to be assessed and to be understood, to be able to work on these weaknesses.
  • Anticipation, information processing adn reaction are the cognitive abilities which were often neglected in field game sports.

xelerate.pro cognitive training

Effective cognitive small-group training
Fun with movement

Icon Brain

Cognitive Fitness

Body and mind challenged at the same time

Icon Group

Group training

Individual training or group training of up to 9 athletes

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Certified §20 classes (Germany)

Certified classes, classical and compact, for adults & children

Icon OK

Fun with movement

Challenging tasks solved in a playful way

Web Cardio

Effective training

Doseable output depending on the exercise variant

Icon Intensity


Focus selectable from cognition, coordination to exhaustion

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